Saturday, October 11, 2008

A few images

most of these shot in the studio - simplicity and suggestion are supposed to be at the heart of the image. Funny, when you ask people to do nothing with their faces you get unexpected results.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

some things I'm messing with

This is a studio shot, obviously. I like the way the bean pods swirl around the rose.


Welcome to the knockout blog, a blog for photographers ..... also "friends of photography" as well. I'll kind of have to tiptoe through this process, it's a little new to me, so if it looks goofy, well, that's the learning curve in action.

I'm Bruce, and I am currently a student at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, Montana. I live and work in the Seattle Tacoma area, and that's where I will be returning in about two weeks when I graduate.

I'd like this blog to be a place for like minded people to share images, critique, grow, learn and prosper, not necessarily in that order.

so to close, a joke -

What's the difference between a photographer and a 16 inch pizza?

A 16 inch pizza will feed a family of four.